The Funny Side of Autism

The Funny Side of Autism

The Funny Side of Autism
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The Funny Side of Autism is a book about the funny things children with autism do and say. It is a compilation of short stories related to my own experiences raising two boys with autism, and stories generously shared by people from around the country who have been in some way affected by autism. There are an abundant amount of books out there having to do with autism, whether they are informational resources, "how to" guides, or someone's story. The Funny Side of Autism is the first book of its kind to focus on the positive side of an otherwise dark diagnosis.Extreme literal thinking often makes it difficult for children with autism to grasp the concept of everyday figures of speech or to reproduce socially acceptable behaviors. However, those excessively literal interpretations can give rise to many funny moments. Those unintentionally hilarious experiences are the focus of this book.


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