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"Playing with Toys" Real Look Autism

This video for Real Look shows us how a grandmother is using the "Imitate and Expand" strategy to play with her 2 12 year old grandson who is on the autism spectrum. He did not want to play with […]

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Autism Toys – NJN News Healthwatch Report

New Jersey is re-doubling its efforts against autism and learning that toys can make

Living With Asperger’s/Cerebral Palsy – "My Loveables/Autistic Stimmie Toys" :-)

My plush loveables help me with rest timesbedtimes, & I am soothedcomforted by my

Poop! EVERYWHERE, potty taining horrors (part 3)

visit blog Here you see Shiori my, then 2 12 year old, daughter

My autistic nephew lineing up his toys

Hes trying really hard to keep his toys in place... but his sister has

Autistic toys Ball Pits Therapy Balls

We offer Balls Pits,Therapy Balls, Autistic Toys, and other equipment for Autistic Children, and

Robot Dances Its Way From Autism Therapy to Toys `R’ Us

Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- My Keepon was originally developed as a therapeutic tool for

Autism Theory of Mind and what happens when you cant remember the toy’s names!

Autism: Teaching theory of mind, empathy, flexibility, problem solving and play skillls, subject is

Autism Talk TV – Ep. 9 – Autism Toys

Alex and Jack are back in episode 9 with an entire episode devoted to

Toys for Visually Impaired, Autism, Special Needs, Educational

Sensory, Cognitive, Communicative, Social

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