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Fidget Toy (Pack of 10) Sensory Fidgets Help with Autism and ADHD for Children and Adults – Helps Relieve Stress and Increase Focus

WARNING! CHOKING HAZARD: THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS SMALL PARTS AND IS NEVER MEANT TO BE CHEWED ON. USE WITH SUPERVISION AND NEVER LET SOMEONE USE THIS PRODUCT IF THEY MAY BE TEMPTED TO CHEW IT. Multi Purpose Fidget Toy for Adults, Teenagers, and Children. This product was initially developed to help break bad habits. After struggling with nail biting for years, this product helped break the habit cycle for the founder of Double Digit Focus Fidgets. Whenever he had the urge to bite his nails, he pulled this fidget toy out of his pocket and kept his fidgeting hands busy. Within 2 months, his nail biting habit was broken. Struggling with ADHD, this product helps relieve stress and keep fidgeting hands busy, helping increase focus in the classroom and in the office. Whether you are trying to break a bad habit, stay focused in school, or relieve stress in the workplace, this product is for you. BREAK YOUR BAD HABITS, RELIEVE STRESS, AND INCREASE FOCUS! BUY NOW!

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iz sharing this videoz of recordingz of me on some bad dayz with my

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This week is dedicated to autism. "Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in

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