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WEIGHTED SENSORY BLANKET OT Approved weight and size. Beware of blankets made in someones basement. Professionaly constructed to wash and last. Offers exactly 8 lbs of weight as recommended by therapists Offers tactile and visual sensation as well as compression […]

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Welcome to! Your one stop source for autism information and products to make life easier for those of us dealing with autism. We encourage you

Study: Chromosome change points to autism

By Amanda Chan, MyHealthNewsDaily Staff People who possess a specific change in one of their chromosomes are nearly 14 times more likely to develop an autism


Have you reached for the sky lately?

The sky's the limit when it comes to the human brain. And with, nothing can stand in the way of you reaching your

My kid’s Autistic Shirt

I found this shirt on and i like the slogan very much It says "My kids is Autistic what so special about your kid's" This is the spirit that

Toilet Training – Autistic & difficult children

Frank R. Cicero,MS, BCBA Director of Psychological Services Eden II School For Autistic Children

Potty Training – How To Potty Train Your Child – Varsity Baby Flush And Cheer Potty [Potty Training

Potty. Potty Training. Potty Training Tips. Enjoy all of Martha Stewarts delicious Food Recipes together with her Entertaining tips. i know how


Toileting Skills are basic Skills for all Humans. Generally for people with Autism they can be difficult skills to acquire. Hope this video can be of some help.

Potty Tots Potty Training Program

Miss Maggie explains the Potty Tots Potty Training Program (kit consists of a story

Autism Information : Toileting Issues With Autism

Toileting issues with autism include not wanting to use the restroom regularly and having

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