Fractiles – Exciting MAGNETIC Tiling Toy


AWARD WINNING: Fractiles-7 received a Parents’ Choice Award for play and educational value, quality and design. VERSATILE: Use these wonderful little diamond-shaped tiles to easily create seven-fold snowflakes, starbursts, spirals, bouquets of flowers, swarms of fireflies, beautiful mandalas, butterflies, spaceships, 3-D illusions, much more. The versatile elegant geometry allows anyone to create endless varieties of imaginative and beautiful designs. Designs range from very simple to infinitely complex. One can spend tireless hours discovering new levels of play and design. WIDE APPEAL: Fractiles Fans range from young children to seniors, from those with no math background to advanced math researchers. EASY TO MANIPULATE: The magnetic tiles stay put – yet slide easily on their specially textured board – a helpful feature for anyone with fine motor skill problems. Magnetic Fractiles-7 is a great travel toy! BUILDS PATTERN RECOGNITION SKILLS: Pattern recognition skills are key to learning. Lack of pattern recognition skills is linked to learning disabilities Fractiles-7 is so much fun you may not even notice how regular play increases your pattern recognition skills. ETHICAL PRODUCTION: Fractiles is manufactured in the USA with no child labor or exploitation.

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