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S-911 Bracelet CE LocatorTM Live GPS Tracking with Two Way Voice

S-911 Bracelet CE LocatorTM Live GPS Tracking with Two Way Voice Be the first one to review this product

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By: Beverly & Pack

Wandering Is a Major Concern for Parents of Children With Autism

Autism is a disorder which affects a number of Americans. Normally the disorder is diagnosed when a person is quite young. Therefore, there are a number of children

Social symptoms in autistic children may be caused by hyper-connected neurons

The brains of children with autism show more connections than the brains of typically developing children do. What's more, the

Breastfeeding possible deterrent to autism

The emergence of autism in young children appears to result from dysmyelination of brain neurons, related to inadequate supply of

Children who have autism far more likely to have tummy troubles

Children with autism experience gastrointestinal upsets such as constipation, diarrhea and sensitivity to foods six-to-eight times more often than do

New study identifies signs of autism in the first months of life

Researchers have identified signs of autism present in the first months of life. The researchers followed babies from birth until

Earliest marker for autism found in young infants

Eye contact during early infancy may be a key to early identification of autism, according to a new study. The

By: ~ Kevin McGrew ~

Making Haircuts Easy for Kids with Autism

Cutting an autistic child's hair can be a difficult feat, especially when the challenges range from hair cutting anxiety to sensory issues. Autistic children may break

Kim Stagliano: Sephora, "Celebutard" Lipstick? Are You High On Tattoo Ink?

I don't wear Sephora makeup. And as Mom of special needs kids - and friend to many people whose children

cheap gps tracker for autistic child

Cheap Child Locator GPS Watch

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