Autism news for 01/02/2014


Autism news summary for 01/02/2014

McKeesport autism foundation receives board-game donation

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he Joey-O Foundation for Autism Awareness received a Christmas gift from classic board game developers at Endless Games.

While visiting extended family in McKeesport for the holidays, Endless Games co-owner Brian Turtle donated dozens of games, including the Autism Speaks-endorsed Korner’D, to the foundation

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Dad recalls growing understanding of autism


Dad recalls growing understanding of autism

Daniel Hogan (left) was featured in The Star as the 1974 New Year Baby. Later, the Hogans would learn that Daniel was autistic. Daniel, just about to turn 40, lives with his parents, works and participates in Special Olympics. Daniel and his dad, Tom Hogan (right) attended the Special Olympics Christmas dance together at the Roeland Park Community Center Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013. Daniel had been hanging out alone on the edges of the dance floor so his dad asked Daniel, “Why don’t you go and dance?” Read the full story 

Youtube movies uploaded today about autism

About Being Mentally Disabled & About Autism & About Autism Stim

More Than Autism

This movie is about Camp Free2BMe had it’s second summer in 2013. The first summer (2012) we served 8 on the autism spectrum, in 2013 we served 28! We are looking forward to serving even more this summer and exploring new places and making new friends.

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